Cradle to Grave Leadership Journey

A roadmap for navigating the leader’s journey with Jesus through a lifetime.

asphalt road between trees

C2G is a two-day lab that celebrates the leaders’ unique journey from their formative years, through the present, and to a hopeful conclusion to their calling on earth. C2G provides a redemptive framework for understanding the pain and the pleasure of your journey to date and a “roadmap” for becoming confident sons, servants and ambassadors of the King. This roadmap journeys through six distinct and interconnected phases as follows:

Phase 1: Sovereign Foundations

Recovering the beauty of God’s destiny in our developmental years. The leader discovers that all of life’s experiences are redeemable and buried in the sea of God’s forgiveness and healing.

Phase 2: Inner Life Growth Phase

The birth of new life in Jesus commences and the early pathway to discipleship for a lifetime begins to unfold: community, prayer, the word, etc.

Phase 3: Ministry Maturing Phase

Discovering the wonders of the master design of our lives through the journey into fruitfulness: He leads us into multiple experiences with a broad exposure to people, thinking, practices and opportunities through the beauty of the twists and turns, the pain and the pleasure.

Phase 4: Life Maturing Phase

The crisis years that turn “slavery” into “sonship,” mourning into dancing, and leads the leader to the portal of one’s ultimate destiny – where everything is lost and Jesus alone is found and trusted.

Phase 5: Convergence Phase

These are the apex years when key relationships, experiences, gift mix, knowledge and wisdom combine to produce spiritual mothers and fathers with a heart – not for personal acclaim – but for discipling the emerging generations.

Phase 6: Afterglow

Now living in the “ember” years of life – weak in natural energy but strong in spirit – the leader’s exposure diminishes, but his/her influence increases through a small circle of DNA carriers.