Story Lab

Discover your “voice” and co-author your missional story with God.

flat ray photography of book, pencil, camera, and with lens

Story Lab is a curated weekend experience designed to help you discover your “voice” and co-author your missional story with God. Our goal is to inspire mission, not as a duty, but as a lifestyle that flows from the greatest expression of your passion and core God-design.

Story Lab will guide you to discover how to create a vocation that is less about what you do, and more about who you are. We believe your vocation should be about creating a life – not just about earning a living. As you discover “God’s fingerprints” on both the past and present of the story of your life, you will begin to see a vision for your future.

Living with a vision creates great intentionality. Story Lab will help you engage with God in new ways as you learn to live with intentionality in the unfolding story of your life.

Session 1:

Building a Life Story Based on the Power of Your Intentions.

Session 2:

Aligning Your Intentions by Authoring Your Compelling Idea.

Session 3:

Unlocking the power of Vocation and Missional Living.

A great story includes characters who yearn for something precious and overcome adversity to obtain it. At Story Lab you will discover your object of desire – the missional “impulse” at the core of your being that pulls you into your story. You will discover how transformation is necessary and possible to realize your missional life.

You have a life to steward, a world to transform. Story Lab will help you discover your authentic voice and gain the courage to express it in your city in ways that bless others, bring you joy, and bring God glory.