What if the next move of God is around tables not platforms?
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The table is where civic leaders, cultural influencers, the church and marketplace leaders gather together to rediscover God’s plan for our cities, re-unify to become “one in Christ” and rebuild our cities. We hear Nehemiah’s declaration to “arise and build.” The table is where we discover God’s heart and power to transform our cities.


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At its core, a city is an ecosystem of relationships. Jesus has much to teach us in the 21st century about healing the interactive ecosystem that exists between government, culture, church, and marketplace leaders. We believe it starts with our own personal transformation, flows into our community of family and friends, and spreads into our workplace and neighborhoods. We need to have a Jesus Movement Mentality, where we see every area of life as an opportunity to display Jesus’ kingdom, His words, His works, and His way.

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Deeper Engagement

Reaching our cities begins with a three stage process: first, discovering your missional story and God's divine engagement in your leadership journey. Second, personal transformation informs our engagement as God's "New Community," formed around the Table of the Lord. Third, at the Table we can trust the Lord to lay biblical kingdom foundations through the Greenhouse to reveal collaborative strategies for the transformation of our cities. The Exchange is a transformational center, the visible expression of the family of God engaging the needs of the city together. At CityTable the following courses are the "Learning Pathway" to unfolding this three-stage engagement in the city.

Personal Transformation

Story Lab

Discover your “voice” and co-author your missional story with God.

Cradle to Grave Leadership Journey

A two-day lab that fosters personal transformation.

The Table

The Table

The table becomes the setting to gather together, pray and learn the ways of the kingdom.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse incubates the seeds of the kingdom for city transformation.

City Transformation Centers

The Exchange

A Collaborative space that restores the city ecosystem.

CityTable Community Platform

Mighty Networks

Bring your voice to our growing online learning community.

CityTable in Action

Prayerfully consider partnering with us through prayers and financial giving.

CityTable creates ecosystems where Civic, Cultural, Church, and Marketplace Leaders discover God’s new creation in Christ and his transforming power for people, churches and cities. These resources are a great first step to engage this journey.