The Resource Center

A Collaborative space that restores the city ecosystem.

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A place where small sprouts, incubated in the Greenhouse, can grow into a viable garden for the healing and restoration of the city.

The Resource Center provides people the opportunity to do meaningful work in a collaborative community with others who are devoted to the same goals. As we do so, the Kingdom of God is made manifest.

 The Resource Center began with a premise:

God desires all human beings to cooperate in their own flourishing and the flourishing of the city.  

As followers of Jesus, we are called to demonstrate the good news of God’s ability to redeem, reconcile and restore humanity to self, others, creation and God. 

The Resource Center thrives on these tenets:

  • We aspire to bring our essential values as creatives, entrepreneurs, and cultural transformers into perfect alignment with the reign of God.
  • We care for our neighbors and allow them to care for us. 
  • We give generously to the community, realizing our need for the unique contributions and gifts of others. 
  • We create an environment for collaboration, community, and learning new ways to create businesses and city-transformation endeavors that are synergistic with God’s benefaction, imagination, and grace. 
  • We value training and leadership development in order to become life-long learners who make a lasting contribution in the world.
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Innovation rarely occurs within homogenous or staid structures. It develops at the peripheries, where differing approaches bump against each other and stimulate new ways of thinking. At The Resource Center, this means doing away with silos that keep sectors and structures apart. We don’t create change by doing the same things we’ve always done. By incorporating diversity, we provoke discovery.

We have a unique perspective on work – it’s not just about making a profit, it’s about bringing God’s benefaction to the people and the city where we live. 

We work to challenge others to consider the purpose behind their work. We believe what we do will contribute to the health of the entire ecosystem of a city.

At The Resource Center, we help to create new economies. We build on our core values to create platforms for a collaborative ecology to thrive. We believe we are stronger together than we are apart, and that collaboration makes a greater impact than competition. We see a city whose greatest minds and most passionate hearts can come together to address the larger issues of social equity. We create spaces where these kinds of conversations are cultivated, resourced, and acted upon.

We see no conflict between building profitable businesses and doing good. We believe the answers to many of our world’s largest social issues will be discovered not just through charity alone, but through creating new business opportunities for those most affected by these issues. We help people co-create to find workable and sustainable solutions together. We aim to incubate and steward dreams that can transform cities by creating spaces for face-to-face interaction, co-creation and horizontal networking.

At The Resource Center, our grassroots efforts focus on the following five areas to bring social transformation to your city and beyond:

  •   Resource people as change agents.
  •   Support people in their process of personal growth.
  •   Facilitate opportunities for collaboration and networking.
  •   Create space to incubate transformational initiatives.
  •   Inspire and develop ideas that promote justice, peace, and redemption.

We value a participatory culture where you are welcomed to bring your ideas and make a contribution to the dreams of others in The Resource Center. The Resource Center provides the technical amenities an organization needs to function, while hosting a creative, idea-rich environment for high-level training, networking, incubation, and collaboration.