The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse incubates the seeds of the kingdom for city transformation.

green leafs plants outside on shed

The Greenhouse is a three-month adventure with a cohort of fellow sojourners designed to facilitate a biblical understanding of the Kingdom of God and its influence on personal, church, and city transformation. 

When you come into The Greenhouse, you will begin to design a specific, collaborative project for your city matched with your unique “voice/vox/vocation.” The Greenhouse is for those who sense their internal “tuning fork” resonating with others in their city to serve its greatest needs.

Overarching Objective of The Greenhouse: To cultivate a cohort driven, teacher-centric experiential learning environment where leaders:

  • Experience transformation through personal encounters with Jesus 
  • Encounter new depths of authenticity and grace in relationships with a cohort from your city as well as leaders from other cities.
  • Envision how to transform the “church” into a flourishing “Jesus community.”  
  • Elicit heaven’s blueprint for your city as you dive into the overall narrative of Scripture. You will begin to see your life and vocation through the lens of God’s redemptive plan for the earth. You and your community will discover the redemptive roots of your city and learn to express your unique “voice” in ways that will catalyze city-transformation and generate models that can inspire others around the world.