The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse incubates the seeds of the kingdom for city transformation.

green leafs plants outside on shed

The Greenhouse is a nine-month learning environment around a cohort of fellow learners designed to facilitate a biblical understanding of the Kingdom of God and its influence on personal, church, and city transformation. The Greenhouse Learning Cohort is designed to help leaders “think biblically” and “respond missionally.”

Personal Transformation:
We partner together to invite the Holy Spirit to make us like Jesus. This “making” involves finding our identity in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as inviting him to bring healing and deliver us from any bondages we’ve collected on life’s journey.

Church Transformation:
We are the church, the family of God. We invite the Lord into the foundations of our thinking and acting as the church, the people of God. This involves some deconstruction from old mindsets, reconstructing our thinking and behavior biblically, to be transformed into a functioning community for the sake of our cities.

City Transformation:
It takes a redeemed, unified people to address the broken lives and “broken walls” of our cities. Like Nehemiah, with redemptive eyes, we can see our cities as God sees them, assess our collective contribution, and become led by the Spirit to arise and build” as God’s benefactors to the city.

Module 1.

  • The Kingdom of God.
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom.
  • Our Gospel Identity.

Module 2.

  • Who and What is “Church”.
  • Seeking the Welfare of the City.
  • The Church as “Benefactor” to the Culture.

Module 3.

  • Seeing the City through Redemptive Eyes.
  • Discovering your Cause & Asset Mapping.
  • Intro Nehemiah’s Wheel & Collaborative City Partnerships.

The Greenhouse is for those who sense their internal “tuning fork” resonating with others in their city to serve its greatest needs. The goals and outcomes of a Greenhouse are that we become like Jesus and become benefactors to Gods New Creation mission. Your learning process will help position a Table of Friends to collaborate and begin to design a specific, collaborative project for their city.